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Press Services, Destination Representation (domestic  international), Branding, Social Media Management, Trade Show and Event Organization.


We are very pleased to share with you some of our main partners. Our client portfolio allows us to work in the most diverse segments.


We have compiled some of our best work and results here, allowing for a broad overview of our skills, qualification, and experience.


Communication Office, located in the Jardim Paulista district, in São Paulo, with 28 years of experience in Press Advisory Services, Marketing, and Representation for destinations and services. It specializes in Gastronomy, Culture, Sports, Events, Leisure, Business, and Tourism (domestic and international).


Under the helm of journalist Adriana Boischio, it stands out for its customized and efficient relationship between the client and the press (online and offline). Our work aims to reach all business niches, from exposure to sale.


We seek to generate expectations with the end consumer by promoting their brand and increasing their exposure in a highly competitive market.


Meanwhile, we work directly with sales channels and business partners so that their expectations translate into an effective result. This work is done through projects and marketing tools, aimed at the target audience.

Adriana Boischio

Holding a degree in Social Communications from FIAM - Faculdades Integradas Alcântara Machado, in São Paulo, Adriana Boischio started her career at Datafolha, a research institute belonging to the Grupo Folha and TV Bandeirantes, where she worked as a production coordinator for four years. She has been working on developing relationship strategies since 1992. The team also relies on a pool of freelancers comprising digital marketing collaborators (consulting, social media marketing, traffic management, and Face/Instagram Ads), web designers, photographers, and videographers.


Rua da Consolação 3563 / 42, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Capital

[email protected]

Phone: (55 11) 3064-2195  | Cell Phone: (55 11) 99204-0688

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